This buoy has reached the end of its life!

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Originally known as the L29 the L41B was in production as early as the 1960’s, but unfortunately, it is now time to lay this product to rest.

In its time the L41B was at the forefront of technology, originally approved by the Board of Trade (complying with the requirements of SOLAS 1960 Convention, Chapter III, Regulation 21(f) and Rule 29 (1), (2) and (3) of the Merchant Shipping (LSA) Rules 1965) it used sea water activated cells for its power and the fully sealed unit was ideal for tough weather conditions.


Product details of the original L29 Aqualite

However, as technology has moved on, sea water activated cells such as this, using silver as their main power source have become uneconomical against newer lights using lithium battery technology.

The L41B has been used by seafarers for years, the testimony below shows what a quality and robust product the L41B was.


The L41B leaves behind a great legacy. The L160 now takes over where this light left off, stronger, smaller, more robust, more economical and using the latest in LED technology. Be sure to order yours today.

L41B Lifebuoy Light 1960-2010

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