Explanation of Class 9 and ‘exempt’ UN3091 packaging and labelling requirements

Transport “Certificate of Classification” for ALL Daniamant Survivor Location lights containing lithium batteries

Transport of lithium batteries has become a minefield, with each country, shipper and airline, amongst others, all having their opinion and interpretation of the legislation and regulations.  Daniamant products are shipped strictly in accordance with the latest legislation and regulations and are based on FACT.  All Daniamant staff involved in shipping have undertaken a training course commensurate with applicable functions and duties in compliance with ICAO/IATA & Civil Aviation Authorities training Programme CAP 483 in the preparation and presentation of dangerous goods offered for carriage by the company, for safe transportation by air (ICAO-IATA) and related National and International multi-modal road (ADR) & maritime (IMDG) Transport and Security operations.Daniamant can confirm that:

1) Each cell and battery type has passed test as per un manual of tests and criteria III, 38.3
2) Each cell and battery incorporates a safety venting device
3) Each cell and battery is equipped with an effective means of preventing external short circuits and reverse current flow

Current UN3091 Products

Class 9
PI 970 Section 1
PI 970 Section II
PI 969 Section II
RB2 M2, MR2 Odeo Distress Flare
LJ2 W2, WR2 Odeo Strobe
R.EXT WL3, W3, WR3
R. EXT1 ML3, M3, MR3
RL6 L6, L6A, L6-Ex, L6A-EX
Rescue Master 1 L7A2
Rescue Master GB L170
 Rescue Master 2B Odeo Flare Mk3
Rescue Master 3B L160
Combi LD L161