Nautical Alarm System

The Daniamant Nautical Alarm System (NAS24) will present binary Alarms or Status on a 7” TFT common screen specifically designed for marine applications. To give a full overview all 23 alarm channels are permanently indicated despite not necessarily being active which is done to provide full overview about the monitored states.

The typical applications of nautical alarms can be but are not limited to:

  • Tank level alarms
  • Bilge level alarms
  • Boiler salinometer alarms
  • Boiler oil level alarms
  • Watertight doors
  • Fire doors

The Nautical Alarm System consists of 2 units being an Operating Panel and a Control Unit.

The Operating Panel is a dimmable 7” full graphic touch display with day vision / night vision and touch panel protection IP65 rating. Each alarm text can be edited by user via the on-screen keyboard and each channel is selectable as alarm or status indication.

The Control Unit is a compact I/O module to be mounted on terminal rail TS35 and can take in up to 23 binary channels. It has relay outputs for system failure and common alarm. In addition transistor outputs for int./ext. Buzzer, alarm transfer location #1 and #2 and buzzer for secondary alarm panel. Each alarm can be selected for a delayed between 1..99 sec.

The NAS24 is very easy to install, configure, interface and very intuitive to operate following typical marine standards and the system is DNV-GL type approved.

  • Major Benefits
  • 23 inputs / alarm channels
  • 7” dimmable full graphic touch display
  • Output for alarm transfer (common)
  • System failure / watch dog
  • Each channel alarm/status text configurable


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