The Telegraph Business Club Secrets of Success

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Building on the success of Daniamants recent back to back Chamber of Commerce Regional Business of the Year awards, Daniamant were invited by the Telegraph Business Club to join their “Secrets of Success” films. These films focus on what has made specific companies so successful, the company’s business strategy and what differentiates them from the competition.

Copies of the video are available for promotional purposes, please contact Arne Gillin, Kevin Rough or Richard Peacock for more details.


If you experience any problems viewing the above film you can find it by clicking on the following links:

1. Go to
2. Click on Masterclasses from the left hand menu
3. If you are not already registered with the Telegraph Business Club, you will need to register. Otherwise, enter your login details
4. This will take you back to the Telegraph Business Club home page, so click on Masterclasses from the left hand menu again
5. The page will display a media player with a menu running directly above it, click on Secrets of Success

The Daniamant film should be located near the top of the list, click the Play button on the media player and enjoy!

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