The New RL5 Life Raft Lighting System from Daniamant

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It was always going to be difficult to supersede the well established RB/RL system designed and developed many years ago by McMurdo Ltd. However, the time had come to try to do just that. With space so pressing in a modern Life Raft, our Customers have continued to demand a smaller and lighter unit. Along with that came the inevitable demand for a lower cost solution. These two key requirements then became the basis of the design brief for the RL5.

So, how to achieve these requirements?

Firstly, we looked to the latest technology. For some time now, Daniamant has been tracking LED technology. Certainly LED’s offered reliability and lower costs, but until recently they could not offer the necessary light output. That position has now changed and the RL5 has become the World’s first LED Life Raft Lighting System.

Another benefit of using LED’s is lower power consumption. This enabled the Daniamant design team to reduce the number of batteries required from three to just one, again further improving the savings in bulk, weight and cost.
The RL5 comprises just two components:

A) The Internal Light and Battery
B) The External Light and Lead

The Internal Light and Lead is at the heart of the system. The RL5 is operated by pulling the styled pull cord which switches on both the Internal and External Lights. Unique is the ability then to easily switch off either Light independently if not required, thus allowing the system to conserve battery power for longer. The two units are connected by a sealed and polarised plug, ensuring a watertight connection.

Initially granted the European MED approval, the RL5 also has USCG (USA) and TC (Canadian) approvals with the Japanese MLIT approval currently pending.

The RL5 is now becoming the standard Liferaft Lighting system for one of the World’s leading Liferaft manufacturers. For further details and information, please do not hesitate to contact Richard Peacock or Arne Gillin at Daniamant.

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