The National Oceanography Centre

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Daniamant are always pleased when an opportunity to support local business presents itself and such an opportunity has arisen.

The National Oceanography Centre, based in Southampton, offers a comprehensive introduction to Marine Science for various groups, including school children and university students. The courses are tailored around the use of standard oceanographic instruments and historical techniques. They operate two research vessels, the R. V. Callista and the R. V. Bill Conway. These vessels are an integral part of the courses offered.


Safety on board is clearly important to the Centre and the Survivor Location Lights on board these vessels are supplied by Daniamant. These include the well established L6 manual lifejacket lights fitted to all lifejackets on board and now the new L160 lifebuoy lights which have replaced the existing L120 lifebuoy lights previously fitted.

Graham Etheridge, the Senior Skipper at the school said:
“We have installed the L160 lights onto Rv Callista and are very grateful for the support from Daniamant for supplying these. On first impressions they look very well made and a great deal of thought clearly has gone into this new design. ”

Kevin Rough, General Manager of Daniamant Ltd commented:
“We are delighted to be able to offer to support the Centre with our products. The study and understanding of our oceans is clearly vital if we are to be able to unravel how our planet works and what the future holds for us”

If you wish to know more about discover oceanography then please click on the links above or visit for further information.

If you wish to learn more about our new exciting lifebuoy light range and the L160 then see our product pages or latest news.

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