The M3/W3 lifejacket light range is approved

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Daniamant is delighted to announce the launch of the all new M3/W3 Lifejacket light series. When Daniamant develop a new product, we have to make a major step forward with the product design.

This was really becoming necessary with Lifejacket lights. In recent years a number of companies have brought new products to the market, but we felt we could improve on them. The guiding principles behind the development of our new lifejacket lights were:

* Innovation – the sensible use of cutting edge technology to increase reliability and performance.
* Low profile – many customers have been seeking a very low profile for their lights and we have answered that requirement.
* Robust design – although Lifejacket lights are getting smaller, they still need to be robust and strong enough to withstand adverse conditions for five years.
* Quality – the high quality that you demand and expect from Daniamant and production testing above the requirements of the Marine Equipment Directive
* Pricing – of course customers are always seeking a lower price, we set out to be able to offer that lower price, whilst still manufacturing an improved, high quality product.

Those were our aims and we believe we have achieved them. Now it’s your turn to judge.

The ultra low profile is ideal for storage and prevents problems in evacuating

The innovative lensing on this model uses the latest technology to deliver high quality performance

This exciting new series is now fully approved by Lloyds Register and is available from early February 2011. Our website at contains further details, the brochure, a technical data sheet and of course a copy of the approval.

Please contact us for samples, pricing and further details.

This amazing new light is setting new standards, let’s work together to bring this light to the market.

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