The L162 gains USCG approval

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Already approved to the requirements of SOLAS and the Marine Equipment Directive, the L162 lifebuoy light has now gained USCG approval to UL1196 and 46 CFR 161.010, also including USCG SOLAS approval to 161.110. This product has been specifically designed for the US market and with all approvals now in place it is ready to be distributed worldwide.

The L162 offers the following key advantages:

1. “Fit & Forget” five year life. No annual battery change, no maintenance
2. All versions are unrestricted for transport, making shipping, quicker, cheaper and easier.
3. 76 meter drop height. As bridge wings have become higher, so has the need for lifebuoy lights to be able to be dropped from a greater height
4. LED technology. These lights feature the latest advances in LED technology. This helps to offer the users increased reliability and smaller size
5. All lifebuoy lights are supplied with a unique mounting bracket, to assist with easy fitting.
6. 15 hours life (normally 2 hours) as required by the USCG

The L162 Lifebuoy Light

As with all Daniamant products, these lights are fully available through our extensive network of Distributors around the World. Those Distributors are all listed on our web site under “Where to buy”. At the same site, you will be able to download a product brochure, technical specification and a copy of all approvals. The buoys are back in town!

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