SL-300 Lifebuoy Light to be made obsolete

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In 2016 Daniamant acquired a range of survivor location lights from Jotron.

Part of this acquisition was the SL-300 Lifebuoy light (ex. Jotron item number 86230)

Since 2016 we have continued to support previous Jotron Customers and offer this light to our distribution network.

Sales of this light are at a level that is too low to maintain and support and in addition to this, piece part costs have significantly risen, making this model uneconomical to continue to supply.

When the current stock is exhausted over the next 6 months this unit will be made obsolete.

To ensure we continue to support our customers, as an alternative, the Daniamant L160 or L170 lifebuoy lights are both SOLAS/MED approved, holding the same approvals and both models are more economical to purchase.

For customers who were using the SL-300 as a strobe light instead of a lifebuoy light the new ODEO Strobe can be used and has additional benefits from the SL-300, including Infra-Red  technology and user replaceable batteries. Read more about the ODEO Strobe here:

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