The RL5 is designed to be a compact, cost effective, reliable combined internal and external light for liferafts. It has features to make fixing to the raft easy, and includes a single point of activation for both internal and external lights. Once activated, the internal and external lights are individually controllable.

Classified as Hazardous for Shipping Purposes – See PSDS

The external light is designed to produce a minimum of 4.3cd in all directions for 12 hours. The internal light is designed to produce a minimum of 0.5cd in all directions for 12 hours. The battery pack has a maximum shelf life of five years from date of manufacture.

Note: To download OEM versions of these product certificates please contact the appropriate liferaft manufacturer.

**Due to the current situation in Russia Daniamant will not be extending its Russian approval for this product. We apologise to any Customers that this may impact, but we cannot support trade in this region at this time. The Russian approval will expire 13th April 2022.** 

  • Major Benefits
  • Min. standard (internal light): 0.5cd output
  • Min. standard (external light): 4.3cd output
  • Min. standard: 12 hour duration


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