All Daniamant Lifejacket lights are designed to deliver, as a minimum standard, the 0.75cd output specification and 8 hour duration required by IMO SOLAS regulations.

This new, low profile light is a single compact flashing unit. It is manually activated by pressing the switch on the front of the light and can be manually turned off if required. The light is emitted through a ultra-low profile dome, making the light less susceptible to damage during evacuation. Easily fitted with two different backing plates, one to go over a thin strap and one to go over a 5cm belt.

 Luminous intensity – operation at 25°C

**Due to the current situation in Russia Daniamant will not be extending its Russian approval for this product. We apologise to any Customers that this may impact, but we cannot support trade in this region at this time. The Russian approval will expire 13th April 2022.** 

  • Major Benefits
  • Exceeds the IMO SOLAS regualtions
  • Min. standard: 0.75cd output
  • Min. standard: 8 hour duration
  • Low profile, compact
  • Easily fitted


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