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Planet Water Expeditions is a unique and exciting series of nautical expeditions devoted to studying cultural ecosystems of the Earth’s oceans, rivers, lakes and estuaries.

In addition to introducing participants to new cultures, the expedition’s challenging “Sea People Program” trains them in all aspects of seamanship: sailing, rigging, navigation, basic engineering, maintenance and cuisine.

PWE’s latest expedition was launched from the Great Barrier Reef in September 2006 aboard the legendary Research Vessel Heraclitus (pictured above). Since this time the Heraclitus has sailed over 7,000 nautical miles and made cultural stops in Australia, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. The ship is currently anchored in Sumatra preparing for the next leg of the expedition – a two-month ocean crossing to South Africa via Madagascar, Mozambique and the infamous Cape of Good Hope. It will then sail to Brazil en route to the Aegean and finally the Black Sea in 2009.

This current three-year expedition is the seventh major expedition of the Heraclitus since its launch in 1975. These expeditions have included ethno-botanical studies in the Amazon, whale studies in Antarctica, round-the-world studies of tropical agriculture and coral reef surveys around the planet. During this time the ship has sailed over 200,000 nautical miles around the globe.

The Heraclitus is owned by the Institute of Eco-Technics, a UK-registered (since 1978) charity and relies on donations from those who support the aims of its expeditions. Daniamant is happy to support this environmental expedition by supplying the required safety equipment on board, including lifejacket lights and lifebuoy lights.

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