ODEO Distress Flare – Northseakayak product review

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It’s great to receive feedback from your Customers, especially on a new product and especially when the Customer is an active user. With thanks to Dimitri, Northseakayak have published the following video and report.


We have always been enthusiast about innovative safety equipment that can be used by sea kayakers.  That equipment must take up as less place as possible, must be waterproof and preferably float.  Above all it must be effective.  So, let’s have a look at the new model ODEO flare.  We’ve been sharing feed-back with the company that makes this electronical flare, DANIAMANT, on a regular base.  We’ve been carrying the previous model (Mk3) for years, strapped to the back of our PFD.  It’s has been abused and put to the test in the most hostile environment, the sea!  If you want to know if something is completely waterproof, we’ll take it with us on the North Sea.  Salt water eats trough almost everything.  DANIAMANT has developed a new model, and that’s the one we are testing right now.  It a lot smaller than its predecessor, even with the batteries it weighs almost nothing.  The activation ring is new and very large so it can be operated with gloves, even when your hands are numb.  It’s waterproof, there is an extra safety button so the battery compartment cannot loosen by accident.  The light output is extraordinary.  We did a field test to investigate the visibility.  The light can be seen in total darkness and good weather at a distance of five kilometers.  It can’t be mistaken for a buoy navigational light due to the SOS signal that is built in.  It emits also IR which can be seen with night vision goggles.  I can hear it coming; you cannot see it in bright, sunny weather?  Well, if you’re life depends on it, a pyrotechnical flare is also hard to spot in these conditions.  Every distress signal has it’s up and downsides, that’s for sure.  But the ODEO will continue emitting its distress signal even long after you have burnt al off your traditional flares that you carry with you.  The ODEO flare must be seen as an essential part of your safety equipment!  To our concern, DANIAMANT has chosen the modern, innovative approach with the functional, durable ODEO flare.  It’s also completely safe to operate in comparison with pyrotechnical flares.  We have trust in the ODEO flare concept and we will keep testing the small flare on the long term.



For more details please see www.odeoflare.com or www.danimant.com

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