NEW advanced version of the Daniamant Electronic Inclinometer DanEI-300 System

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The Daniamant Electronic Inclinometer DanEI-300 system comes now in a NEW advanced version with added features and the Sensor Unit can now be delivered separately.

In addition to the existing measurement of heel angle and pitch angle the DanEI-300 system now provides:

  • X axis acceleration measurement corresponding to SURGE (FWD/AFT).
  • Y axis acceleration measurement corresponding to SWAY (PORT/STBD).
  • Z axis acceleration measurement corresponding to HEAVE (UP/DOWN).
  • The screen display can therefore now show.
    • Normal Heel Angle and Pitch Angle corresponding to IMO performance standard.
    • Trend Plot with Heel angle for last 3 minutes and Roll amplitude for last 30 minutes.
    • NEW: Actual Acceleration data corresponding to Surge, Sway and Heave.
  • The Master Display Unit has built-in data logging feature recording every second the heel and pitch angle together with the 3 axes acceleration.

The Sensor Unit containing the high-grade gyroscope and accelerometer can be delivered as a standalone item. Communication is via an RS-422/485 transmission and the interface complies with IEC 61162 / NMEA 0183 standard though baud rate is 115200 bps. In addition to above mentioned heel, angle and 3-axes acceleration data it will also output the heading change in degrees so ROT (Rate Of Turn) can be calculated.

Please contact us for more information and we can deliver this new existing DanEI-300 and Sensor Unit from stock.

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