Dive New Zealand testing Odeo Flare

februar 29, 2016 12:00 pm Published by


Late last year Dive New Zealand took the Odeo Flare out with them to test it underwater after its recent approval to IP68. Dive New Zealand took the unit to a depth of around 90 feet. Their intention was to see how well it could be seen by other divers in the water at that depth. According to Dive New Zealand “it proved to be very effective an could be seen clearly by the other divers. The pressure test showed it could be used at that depth with no problems”

According to Dive New Zealand this makes the Odeo Flare a good choice to be used for Tech divers and Cave diving as a beacon.

“A good product that divers could use in many situations that requires safety measures to keep divers safe.”

Daniamant are grateful to Dive New Zealand for their real life testing and pleased that the Odeo Flare once again proves its quality and functionality in many different marine scenarios.

The Odeo Flare has currently been approved for use at 50 meters but has also been tested successfully at 100 meters.

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