Daniamants New W3 Polar Lifejacket Light Nominated for Prestigious DAME Design Awards 2023

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The new Daniamant W3 Polar Lifejacket Light has received international recognition by being nominated for the highly esteemed DAME Design Awards in 2023. This nomination is a testament to the product’s outstanding design, functionality, and commitment to safety within the maritime industry.

The W3 Polar Lifejacket Light, designed by a team of experts at Daniamant, is a cutting-edge safety device specifically tailored for those working in extreme maritime conditions, such as fishermen, offshore oil rig workers, and sailors navigating frigid waters. The device is equipped with a range of features aimed at ensuring the wearer’s safety and visibility during emergencies.

One of the standout features of the W3 Polar Lifejacket Light is its exceptional brightness. Utilizing the latest LED technology, the light emits a powerful and highly visible beacon that can be seen from great distances, even in the most challenging

weather conditions. This is particularly crucial in the polar regions, where poor visibility and extreme temperatures can put lives at risk.

The innovative design of the W3 Polar Lifejacket Light also includes a cutting-edge self-activating feature. When the device comes into contact with water, it automatically activates, eliminating the need for manual activation. This could prove to be a life-saving feature in situations where individuals are unable to activate the light themselves.


The DAME Design Awards, which take place annually at the Marine Equipment Trade Show (METSTRADE) in Amsterdam, are renowned for recognizing excellence in design and innovation in the marine industry. Products nominated for these awards undergo rigorous evaluation by a panel of expert judges who assess criteria such as design, functionality, safety, and environmental impact.

Kevin Rough, CEO said: “We are thrilled to be nominated for the DAME Design Awards 2023. The W3 Polar Lifejacket Light was developed with a singular focus on safety and innovation. We are proud to see our efforts recognized on such a prestigious platform. This nomination is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our entire team.”

The DAME Design Awards 2023 will take place in November at METSTRADE in Amsterdam. The winner of the award in the personal equipment category will be announced during the event.

The W3 Polar Lifejacket Light’s nomination is not only a recognition of the product but also a testament to the dedication of the maritime industry to improving safety and saving lives in extreme conditions. If successful, the product’s recognition at the DAME Design Awards will undoubtedly drive further innovation in maritime safety technology.

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