Daniamant USCG approved ODEO SoS eVDS is now in production and shipping globally

februar 13, 2024 3:04 pm Published by

We are happy to announce that our ODEO SoS eVDS is now shipping globaly and available for purchase.

The innovative ODEO SOS eVDS features a high-intensity strobe light emitting the internationally recognized SOS Morse signal, enhancing visibility during emergencies. With a fixed intensity lasting up to nine hours, the buoyant flare increases the chances of successful rescues at sea. Operating on four AA L91 lithium batteries known for extended shelf life, the ODEO SOS ensures reliability in harsh ocean conditions. Certified by the US Coast Guard, it serves as an alternative to pyrotechnic flares, meeting nighttime distress signal requirements with a nine-hour lifespan. Boaters can utilize it within specified areas and vessel lengths, making it a vital safety tool. Waterproof to five meters and exceeding maritime standards, the ODEO SOS offers environmental benefits with easily replaceable batteries, eliminating disposal issues and reducing fire hazards.

Read more about the product here: https://daniamant.com/products/odeo-sos/

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