Daniamant supports the Sea Shepherd

oktober 25, 2012 12:00 pm Published by


Daniamant’s concern for the safety of life at sea extends beyond just saving the lives of seafarers. Daniamant is also concerned about the dwindling resources of life in the World’s oceans today. Some major species of fish are being hunted to close to extinction and as human populations continue to rise, those pressures continue to increase.

Daniamant is therefore delighted to be able to assist the work carried out by The Sea Shepherd and her crew by supplying them with replacement L6A Lifejacket Lights. Together with our Australian Distributor, Drew Marine Signal and Safety Australia Pty Ltd, we arranged to supply these outstanding lifejacket lights free of charge.

The Sea Shepherd and her crew works tirelessly to help save whales, sharks, dolphins and porpoises whereever they are threatened.

Daniamant will continue to do all we can to assist in similar circumstances.

For further information about the Sea Shepherd and it’s work, see www.seashepherd.org For further information about Drew Marine in Australia, see www.aurora-marine.com.


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