Daniamant nominated for ‘Best Safety Product of the Year’ at the Safety at Sea Awards 2018

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Daniamant is proud to announce that both Daniamant’s EchoPilot 3D Forward Looking Sonar and the ODEO Distress Flare have been nominated for the Best Safety Product of the Year at Safety at Sea Awards 2018 (both in the hardware and hardware and software package categories).

Safety at Sea is one of the leading publications for ship’s crew, with a goal to improve on board safety across the industry. To mark these considerable efforts, the Safety at Sea annual awards are an opportunity to applaud the individuals and companies at the forefront of safety in global shipping.

“All of you deserve recognition for everything you do for safety in shipping – and that’s what these awards are all about … recognising and honouring the impact you make on the industry, ensuring that ships reach their destinations safe and sound, and that seafarers’ lives are protected.’” – Said Tanya Blake, Safety at Sea, Editor.

“We are all very proud to have been shortlisted for these prestigious awards, its a great testament to Daniamant’s increasing product portfolio and ultimate objective to increase safety at sea” – Said Kevin Rough, Daniamant, CEO

The EchoPilot 3D Forward Looking Sonar is nominated due to its innovative Real-Time Forward Looking Sonar. The FLS 3D shows a Real-Time image of the seabed ahead. With its update rate of approximately 1 second the captain is always aware of any changes or dangers ahead of his vessel. The FLS 3D is a guidance avoidance system for captains who needs to navigate in unfamiliar, poorly charted or shallow areas. The system helps keep the vessel, captain and crew safe on board.

The ODEO Distress Flare is nominated due to its innovative design and functionality. The ODEO Distress Flare is designed to be an alternative to the red pyrotechnic hand flare. The ODEO Distress is an high intensity LED flare that includes infra-red (IR) for improved visibility in Search & Rescue at night using NVG. Traditional flares will illuminate for approximately 30 seconds, while the ODEO Distress Flare illuminates for up to 9 hours! Whilst originally designed for marine use, its lightweight, safe performance means that it is incredibly useful for any outdoor activity. The smaller size makes the ODEO Distress ideal for mountaineering, skiing, kayaking and expeditions. The ODEO Distress small size and waterproof rating IP68 (50m) also makes it an ideal safety device for divers.

You can read more about the Safety at Sea Awards here: https://www.sasawards.com/shortlist

Read more about the Forward Looking Sonar here: https://echopilot.com/products/fls-3d/

Read more about the ODEO Distress Flare here: https://www.odeoflare.com/products/odeo-distress-flare/

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