Daniamant launches ODEO SOS Electronic Flare

december 21, 2023 8:06 pm Published by

Daniamant, announces the latest addition to its innovative range of electronic visual distress signals – the ODEO SOS Electronic Flare.

Featuring a high-intensity strobe light that emits the internationally recognised SOS Morse signal, the new ODEO SOS Electronic Flare offers enhanced visibility in emergency situations, such as a collision warning or to aid in pinpointing an exact position in an emergency. The lightweight and buoyant electronic flare is designed for exceptional endurance, with a fixed intensity of up to nine hours. This extended operational life and powerful output significantly increases the chances of successful rescues once activated – a crucial factor in critical situations at sea.

The new visual distress signal operates using four AA L91 lithium batteries, known for their extended shelf life, power capacity and optimum efficiency in the harshest of ocean temperatures. The device features an easy-twist operation, which is a vital design mechanism in cold conditions to ensure reliability and functionality.

Certified to meet the stringent requirements of the US Coast Guard (USCG), the electronic flare is a suitable alternative to pyrotechnic flares in countries including the USA. The ODEO SOS is also approved as a nighttime visual distress signal with a nine-hour lifespan, boasting three hours more visibility than the USCG’s requirements of six-hour illumination. Furthermore, when used with the orange distress flag (provided at purchase), the ODEO SOS satisfies daytime visual distress signal requirements set out by the USCG.

In US waters, boaters can use the ODEO SOS in place of pyrotechnic flares on vessels up to 65 feet in length and in areas within twelve miles of US waters, bodies of water with a passage to the sea of at least two miles wide or the Great Lakes. For vessels under sixteen feet, while the distress flag is not obligatory, the ODEO SOS still stands as a vital nighttime visual distress signal.

Designed to withstand all weather conditions and exceed universal maritime standards, the ODEO SOS is waterproof to five metres, tested to Ingress Protection (IP68) standards, ensuring reliability even in challenging maritime conditions.

The innovative ODEO SOS presents many benefits over its pyrotechnic counterparts, including no expiration due to its easily replaceable lithium batteries – extending the environmental benefits. Unlike pyrotechnic flares, the ODEO SOS also removes issues of disposal as well as reducing potential fire hazards too.

Kevin Rough, CEO at Daniamant, comments, “The expert team at Daniamant are proud to launch the latest addition to our portfolio of industry-leading electronic visual distress signals. Designed with the core goal of saving lives at sea, the new ODEO SOS Electronic Flare provides innovative functionality, improved sustainability and optimum efficiency, performing above and beyond global, maritime standards. Our commitment to the marine sector and creating live-saving solutions is at the forefront of all our safety equipment to provide peace of mind at sea.”

The ODEO SOS Electronic Flare joins Daniamant’s world-leading range of electronic visual distress signals and strobes that offers unparalleled performance and reliability, including the ODEO Mk3, ODEO Distress, and ODEO Strobe which are already at the forefront of maritime safety and distress signalling.

The new electronic flare will be available for commercial purchase from Q4 in 2023. For more information, pricing and distribution enquiries, please visit: www.daniamant.com or contact Daniamant’s sales department via: +45 47 37 38 00.

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