Daniamant equip their RL5 Liferaft lights with Saft LO 26 SX batteries – a reliable solution that resists extreme temperatures for navigation in polar waters.

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Saft LO 26 SX – Lithium Sulfur Dioxide (Li-SO2) spiral primary batteries – A solution designed to deliver high power, superior pulse capacity and long lifetime, even in very cold environments

Key benefits for Daniamant

  • low self-discharge for a fully autonomous solution that can last up to 5 years
  • A solution that is stable at a wide range of operating temperatures (-52°C to +65°C)
  • A reliable solution that offers high power and excellent functionality in cold environments. The RL5 has been tested against the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Polar Code to -52° C for use in polar regions

Features of Saft’s power solutions

  • An efficient, high energy, high reliability 3.0 Volt power source
  • A spiral construction that offers superior pulse capacity: continuous current of 2.5A with superimposed pulses as high as 20A
  • A battery that can activate itself and deliver high current at no notice, even after long sleeping periods of the device, thus making it perfect for emergency use
  • A low self-discharge rate that gives these cells a 10-year shelf-life (5-year lifetime guarantee in the device)
  • Stable voltage and superior power, even at –52°C
  • 30-year track record supplying primary lithium battery technology, that has been proved to offer excellent reliability

The challenge: Creating reliable, long-life safety liferaft lights, capable of instantly activating themselves even in extreme temperatures

Daniamant has made ‘Safety at Sea’ its motto. The company has, over the years, become the specialist and world leader in the design, manufacture and sale of Survivor Location Lights, Salinometers and BNWAS for commercial deep-sea vessels, cruise and ferry ships, yachts and military vessels.

Trusting in your safety equipment is a prerequisite when you are at sea. You need to be able to rely completely on your life saving devices, knowing that they will resist the toughest elements, extreme temperatures and vibrations. This is even truer when you are navigating in polar waters.

Daniament safety light equiped by Saft battery

Daniamant RL5 Liferaft light is a compact combined internal and external light for liferafts. It can be easily fixed to the raft, and includes a single point of activation for both internal and external lights. Once activated, the lights are individually controllable. This survivor location light uses LED technology and is designed to withstand the harshest environments. It has been tested to -52C° in readiness for use in these extreme conditions. It is completely watertight, corrosion resistant and delivers a minimum of 12 hours of light duration, as required by IMO SOLAS regulations. The device also has a lifetime guarantee of 5 years.

An application such as this, designed for emergency situations, presents a number of challenges for a battery. Indeed, at -52°C, the electrochemical efficiency is slowed down, which can create low voltage readings. And, since most of the time, the device is in sleep mode, the battery has to work hard to instantly activate both lights without any time lag. More than a technical hindrance, it is a question of life and death.

The solution: Saft LO 26 SX Lithium Sulfur Dioxide (Li-SO2) primary batteries

Our LO lithium-sulfur dioxide (Li-SO2) batteries deliver high power and excellent functionality in cold environments. The spiral construction and a well-controlled passivation offer a superior pulse capacity, ensuring an instantaneous activation, even after long sleep periods. The cells are hermetically sealed, which protects them even at very high or very low temperatures. Their excellent energy density under high discharge rates allows Daniamant to include a 5-year lifetime guarantee of the device to their customers.

The RL5 Liferaft lights have been intensively tested internally to make sure that they comply with SOLAS, MED, USCG, TC, and the Polar codes.

“We have been equipping our products with Saft batteries for over 15 years. Their batteries deliver the expected quality at all time which is paramount when you develop safety devices. Their extensive test data and product knowledge are a real advantage to support our efforts to meet international standards.”  – Kevin Rough, CEO


Link to case study: https://www.saftbatteries.com/case-studies/daniamant-equip-their-rl5-liferaft-lights-saft-lo-26-sx-batteries%E2%80%93-reliable-solution

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