Daniamant develops its EchoPilot Forward Looking Sonar 3D Gen4 with direct integration to Raymarine’s Axiom Multifunction Displays

maj 30, 2024 1:43 pm Published by

Daniamant, partners with Raymarine for its latest development – the EchoPilot FLS 3D Gen4 – with direct integration to Raymarine Axiom Multifunction Displays (MFD).

Continuing to lead the way for Forward-Looking Sonar (FLS) technology in the marine industry, Daniamant unveils the next generation of its EchoPilot FLS 3D, now with a Gen4 system, offering compatibility and pairing with all Raymarine Axiom MFD models. Designed with state-of-the-art technology, the EchoPilot FLS 3D Gen4 improves navigational safety, offering sailors unparalleled insights into underwater environments.

Developed to simply “plug and play”, Daniamant’s EchoPilot FLS 3D Gen4 is easily connected to the Raynet via an RJ45 cable. Once integrated, the EchoPilot app appears on the Axiom display, allowing users to see the forward-looking image in real time.

With this integration, users will be granted exclusive features, including split screen functionality, to view chart and FLS screens parallel to one another, whilst operating at the same time. The sonar display can be adjusted in 360degree rotation, for customised viewing and the ability to adjust the image to suit personal preference. The sleek touch screen also offers a zoom function, for a closer look at the seabed terrain ahead.

The EchoPilot FLS 3D Gen4 offers obstacle detection of seabed objects that may not be visible from the surface or on the vessel’s chart. This is crucial for avoiding collisions, especially in shallow or poorly charted waters with rocks, reefs or other hazards present.

Daniamant’s EchoPilot FLS 3D Gen4 provides boaters with confidence in poor conditions, ensuring safe navigation as sailors can see underwater via a digitalised screen, even when visibility is limited. When sailing in unfamiliar waters, the EchoPilot FLS 3D provides immediate information about the underwater environment, detailing terrain and potential hazardous objects.

The EchoPilot FLS 3D offers further benefits, such as anchoring, helping sailors to find a suitable spot with good holding ground and minimal underwater obstacles. Even in clear waters with good visibility, Daniamant’s EchoPilot FLS 3D aims to provide an additional layer of safety and peace of mind for skippers and crew alike, reducing the risk of accidental collisions or groundings.

Kevin Rough, CEO at Daniamant, says, “We are very proud to develop the fourth generation of our EchoPilot FLS 3D with advanced integration capabilities, in partnership with Raymarine. The EchoPilot FLS 3D Gen4 enhances situational awareness and safety for the captain and their crew, to improve sailing navigation and visibility in various conditions and environments. With safety at the forefront, our goal at Daniamant is to develop new ways to ensure boaters’ confidence and security on the open waters.”

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