Corona Virus Update

marts 24, 2020 3:34 pm Published by

UK update

Just to assure our supply chain that after last night’s update; Daniamant Ltd is a business that can remain open.

Daniamant employees that can work from home will work from home as previously advised.

Those who cannot work from home will attend work and whilst at work follow social distancing guidelines.

That means the manufacturing facility in the UK remains operational whilst observing all relevant precautions for health and safety to ensure our employees remain safe.

For the next three week (or until things change) we are open and will continue business as normal.

If any delays are experienced we will inform our Customers ASAP and communicate to ensure goods are supplied.

DK update

Daniamant A/S is fully operational with production employees divided into 2 teams each working every other week and extra cleaning taking place of the factory during the weekend.

We can fulfil all orders and are ready to receive new ones as we have good stock of raw material, components and sub-assemblies.

Other employees are working from home

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