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With MSC82 pending for implementation on 1st July 2008, we thought we would take the chance to update you on the changes applicable to liferaft lights. Two documents are applicable; MSC 226(82) section 10.32 and MSC 218(82) section 4.4.20.

Both MSC226(82) and MSC218(82) refer specifically to the change in the interior lights that should now provide an arithmetic mean luminous intensity of not less than 0.5 cd when measured over the entire upper hemisphere to permit reading of survival instructions and equipment instructions for a period of not less than 12 hours. Previously there has been no light output requirement for the internal light, only the external light at 4.3cd for a period of not less than 12 hours

Both documents are available for download below:


Daniamant Strategy

1. Daniamant welcomes MSC82 as it sets clear and unambiguous standards for all manufacturers. Fully implemented MSC82 including the prescribed testing regime will generate a level playing field for all manufacturers Worldwide

2. Daniamant will review the design of all our products so that at the next certificate renewal date for each individual product we will be able to offer our customers a fully MSC82 compliant replacement lights for existing products

3. Daniamant will keep our customers informed about the status of recertification of our products so that for each product the customers will know when a MSC82 compliant product will be required and when it will be available

Daniamant Product Range

Daniamant has many products that are currently compliant or in the process of being made compliant to the new standards. Please contact either the Danish or UK office for more details. For products that currently do not conform to the new standard we have approval from our Notified Body (Lloyds) to continue the manufacture and sale of these items until the current Module B’s (see website for details) expire. For your reference a copy of MSC1221 is also detailed below, specifying that;

“products manufactured during the period of validity of the relevant Type Approval Certificate need not be renewed or replaced due to expiration of such Type Approval Certificate”.


Daniamant continues to be proactive in our approach to new legislation, for the lights which are certified, but currently do not fully conform, we have a development programme in place which will ensure full compliance with these amendments well within the expiry time of their certification.

As certificates are reissued and our development program continues we will ensure we keep you up to date. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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