Seawork 2010

juni 18, 2010 12:00 pm Published by


At Daniamant, we do not just find ourselves taking cruises all the time (See the previous new article). Daniamant products are found on a wide range of vessels, including many that are not so glamorous. The attached pictures were all taken at the major Seawork 2010 Exhibition held recently in Southampton. It was easy to find a wide range of working vessels, all of whom had selected one of the renowned range of Daniamant lifebuoy lights; the L90.

Daniamant also entered the Seawork innovation showcase, for its new range of L16x lifebuoy lights, but this year were unsuccesful due to some excellent competition. It was fantastic to see such innovation and highlights just how much talent we have in this industry.

Contact us for any further details on these outstanding lights.


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