The DanEI-300T Electronic Inclinometer is an advanced heel and pitch measuring system aimed for (escort) tugboats to provide the crew with alert warnings and alarms during operation to prevent potential accidents. The DanEI-300T systems consist of a sensor unit and a display unit. The sensor includes a very advanced gyro MEMS component, a very advanced accelerometer MEMS component as well as a powerful microcontroller, and through complex algorithms, the so-called “6 degrees of freedom” (6 D-o-F) are all accurately calculated. In other words, the 3 rotation parameters (pitch, heel, yaw) and the 3 acceleration parameters (surge, sway, heave) can be calculated.

These data are sent from the sensor to the display unit, from which they can be retrieved either via serial or Ethernet (marine) interface and in standard NMEA format. device which is not sensitive to horizontal and vertical accelerations.

The Electronic Inclinometer displays:

 GREEN: NORMAL Zone for steady (average) heel / Attention Required

AMBER/YELLOW: CAUTIONARY Zone for max. dynamic (momentary) heel / Imminent Response Required.

RED: CRITICAL Exceeds safe limits of stability / Reduce Heel Immediately.

The range of each zone can easily be entered and adjusted via the keypad on the front of the display.


  • IMO Performance Standards MSC.363(92) (functional compliance)
  • IEC 60945 (Environmental conditions)
  • IEC 61162- 1, -2, -450 (Serial and network interfaces)
  • IEC 62288 (Presentation of information)
  • Meeting Bureau Veritas (BV) criteria in its classification rules NR467 – January 2019 edition “Rules for the Classification of Steel Ships / Part E – Service Notations for Offshore Service Vessels and Tugs”.
  • Major Benefits
  • Designed for use on (escort) tugboats
  • Provides early alert and alarm warnings
  • All rotation and accelaration values measured
  • Easy 'plug-n-play' installation


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