The DanEI-300 Electronic Inclinometer is an advanced heel and pitch measuring device which is not sensitive to horizontal and vertical accelerations. This will provide information to a better understanding of the ship‘s movement and steering behavior, supervision of trim, cargo status and stability status.

On rolling vessels the usual bubble or pendulum inclinometers indicate values which are too high. This margin error can be up to 30% of the measured value. As the DanEI-300 will not be affected by these accelerations it shows the true inclination and roll period. Furthermore, the DanEI-300 can contribute to reduction of fuel consumption and improvement of safety.

The Electronic Inclinometer measures and displays:

  • Pitch Angle
  • Heel Angle
  • Roll Period
  • Amplitude (port & starboard)
  • Additional trend plots display heel angle for latest 3 minutes and roll amplitude for latest 30 minutes.


BSH type approved according to:

  • IMO Performance Standards MSC.363(92) (functional compliance)
  • IEC 60945 (Environmental conditions)
  • IEC 61162- 1, -2, -450 (Serial and network interfaces)
  • IEC 62288 (Presentation of information)
  • Major Benefits
  • Pitch Angle display
  • Heel Angle display
  • Roll Period display
  • Amplitude display


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