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“Dear Daniamant,

It’s been more than one year since we’ve been paddling with an ODEO flare in our kit. During this year we’ve put the flare’s through its paces. We’ve tested flares extensively.

Flare Dimitri; This one has been tested in the harshest and roughest conditions. It has been attached on the back of the PFD . There are some minor scratches on the cap. I’ve been doing over 1000 kilometres with this unit in a wide variation of sea and weather conditions. The flare has been exposed to everything a man can encounter at sea. It has been submersed during rescue exercises, it has gotten some beating during surf sessions. The batteries and interior are still intact. The flare remains active.

Flare Sylvie, Stijn and Fréderic: Those flares were stored inside the kayak or on the kayak (under the deck lines) and were exposed to rolling and vibrations in a wide variety of conditions. No damage or scratches whatsoever. The batteries and interior are still intact. All flares remain active.

Besides field testing, we did a visibility test. The flare is in good weather conditions still clearly visible at night over a distance of 5 kilometres. It is not to be mistaken for the light of a buoy.

And since we are pleased to have the flare in our safety kit, we did some advertising also. We showed the flare (along with the classic ones) at all of our lectures. We did the North Sea Crossing with the thing attached to the back of my PFD. We made several videos with the flare clearly visible and we’ve put the logo in it since the support of your company. We’ve been very critical, as it should be with safety equipment. People (within the sea kayak scene) have asked questions (about the quality, the brand, the price,….) personally or via Facebook and YouTube.

Hereby, a big thanks to give us the opportunity to work together! We are certainly aware of the fact that not every company listens to its customers as your company does. Feel free to post this information on your website, it’s honest and true! I’ve attached our latest video with the flare clearly visible in it!”

Daniamant would like to thank North sea kayak for their extensive testing in the harshest conditions and especially Dimitri who has taken the Odeo Flare out with him in some tough weather conditions to test the unit’s capability.

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