Limited Batch Recall

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Over the past few months we have been working very closely with BSH regarding the manufacture and test of a small quantity of the Rescue DAN M1 lifejacket light. (Please note that this model is no longer in manufacture and is now obsolete). Daniamant manufacture large quantities of survivor location lights each year and each year these lights are subjected to Market Surveillance (according to Council Directive 96/98/EC on Marine Equipment (MED)), as well as our own stringent in-house quality procedures.

BSH have identified two batches of the Rescue DAN M1 that have marginal performance regarding luminous intensity when tested against the particular requirements of section 10.3.2 of MSC81(70). In all other areas of the testing the lights performed satisfactorily.

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Whilst the overall performance is not cause for concern Daniamant have agreed with BSH to replace these batches free of charge with our latest innovative lifejacket light; the DAN M3.

The following batches are affected:


Batch FP08 (Mar 2009); Our quality records indicate that these lights were sold to Hygrapha

Batch BA139 (Feb 2010); Our quality records indicate that these lights were sold to Mare Safety Products

In the first instance we would request that you review lights purchased from these two organisations during these periods. (The label on the light “Serial No.” will indicate which batch the light was manufactured under). If you can identify stock relating to these batches Daniamant request that you contact Betina Petersen, Quality Co-ordinator or Helle Cretaigne, Sales Co-ordinator on +45 4737 3800 to discuss the arrangements for the replacement of these lights.

Daniamant will be working closely with our Notified Body (Lloyds Register EMEA ) and the UK Administration (MCA) to ensure these lights are replaced as effectively and efficiently as possible. Please also see Daniamant welcomes the proactive work carried out by BSH and will continue to work closely with them and support them to ensure that Market Surveillance remains a top priority.

Introduced in the 5th amendment of the Marine Equipment Directive, ISO24408 introduced high quality testing standards for all manufacturers of position indicating lights (A.1/1.2) to adhere to in production, similar to the requirements for type approval MSC81(70). This standard has now been removed from the 6th amendment but Daniamant feel that production testing is the only way that manufacturers, Notified Bodies and Administrations can ensure that the products produced today meet the same exacting high standards demanded by type approval.

After significant investment, Daniamant have introduced strict quality testing to these standards for ALL products effective from 1st April 2010. Daniamant continue to test all of its survivor location lights to these demanding standards. This means that the product you receive has been through a testing regime similar to original type approval and ensures you only receive high quality product.

Daniamant continues to lobby Notified Bodies, Administrations, EMSA and EMEC for these production testing standards to be made mandatory, reminding all those parties involved in advising on maritime matters and who have influence that ISO24408 is the only standard available today that allows for consistency in how manufacturers ensure production units meet the same standards as those units that were type approved. This is a philosophy that Daniamant will continue to uphold.

Daniamant apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause but hope that you understand that quality control is our highest priority. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

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