L90 lifebuoy light now in production

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Formally supplied by Comet GmbH as their Lifebuoy Light 9120500. This outstanding light is now manufactured by Daniamant as the L90 series and is now in full production.

The L90 lifebuoy light marks the position of a lifebuoy. It is attached to the lifebuoys on board the ship. In case of a man overboard, the lifebuoy will be thrown overboard together with the lifebuoy light. It marks the position of the lifebuoy for the person who has gone overboard and for the ship or the rescue boat. Lifebuoy lights are provided on ships (a lifebuoy light is connected to every second lifebuoy, minimum is 2 lifebuoy lights per ship).

The L90 lifebuoy light is a dry cell powered light equipped with a tilt switch for automatic function. It burns for a minimum of two hours with a light intensity of at least 2 candela and is safe on oil or petrol covered waters. It is fully MED approved and meets all the latest IMO SOLAS standards.

With five user replaceable Alkaline D cells (1.5v LR20) it has a life of one year and can be easily fixed on the ship with the lifebuoy light bracket (available separately). The unit will only function when upright and it is very important to follow the fitting instructions shown below, to ensure it works correctly if ever required in emergency. For more details, approvals information, user instructions etc, please follow the link to the product section


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