Do not forget to order your mounting plate

august 11, 2011 12:00 pm Published by


When replacing your L40 with either the L161 or L163 (intrinsically safe lifebuoy lights), or when replacing your L120/L41B with a new L160, remember to make the fitting process even easier and order the L16x mounting plate.

With our new mounting plate there is no need to drill new holes or change fittings. Our new mounting plate allows the use of the existing fixings from your L90, L120, L41B or L40 lifebuoy light. Simply remove the old light and use the same fixings to affix the mounting plate, then, with the stainless steel screws provided, affix the new L16x lifebuoy light – simple!

The kit is available through our extensive worldwide distribution network and, as always, is competitively priced.


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