Daniamant supporting ILAMA at Marintec

december 6, 2011 12:00 pm Published by


Daniamant recently attended Marintec in China to help support ILAMA in increasing its membership to become truly international. With the current Chairman of ILAMA, Jean-Pierre Moreau (ACEBI), Jim Booth, ILAMA’s Permanent Representative at IMO, Kevin Rough, Daniamant General Manager assisted in running the booth for the week to help attract new members from this part of the World. For more information please see http://www.ilama.org/

Kevin Rough, General Manager of Daniamant (ILAMA Member) with Jim Booth, ILAMA Permanent Representative at IMO

Jean-Pierre Moreau, ILAMA Chairman, Elin Brinchmann-Hansen (COMPACT AS ILAMA member) and Kevin Rough, General Manager of Daniamant (ILAMA Member)


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