Daniamant Sales & Marketing Manager, Richard Peacock, retires

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Our Sales and Marketing Manager, Richard Peacock, is retiring from Daniamant on the 31st January 2015.

Richard is well known to many of you since he started with McMurdo Ltd way back in 1980. At that time, Richard joined McMurdo as an International Sales Manager for the Connector Division, which was then McMurdo’s core business.

Within two years he was co-opted onto the Marine side of McMurdo’s business to assist with the launch of the new Search And Rescue Transponder (SART) and actually, never went back to Connectors again. What a good decision that proved to be as McMurdo sold their Connector Division just a year later to concentrate on Marine Products. McMurdo then continued to develop Electronic Marine products, such as EPIRB’s and PLB’s. Not much changed until 2006 when the Survivor Location Lights Division was sold to Daniamant in Denmark and a new Company, Daniamant Ltd, was formed during that Summer.

Richard transferred to Daniamant at that time and he is happy to say “The past 8 years have been amongst the happiest of my career; it has been a real pleasure working in conjunction with visionaries such as Arne Gillin and Kevin Rough and to be able to play my part in further developing the Daniamant brand name and product range.”

Richard has always believed a lot of the strength of Daniamant was built on the strength of our Partners in this Industry. Richard says “I do really have to say that a key part of the pleasure I have had during my career with McMurdo/Daniamant has been working with so many excellent companies around the World. I really do believe that the Marine business around the World is blessed with a unique blend of Companies and Individuals and truly I have enjoyed just about every day in this business.”

However, time moves on. Richard is 65 years old (on January 11th) and in his opinion (Not Ours), it’s time to pass the baton on to younger people.

Well, how are we replacing him?

Of course a replacement is just an impossibility, but an effort has to be made!

Day to Day orders for the UK products should continue to be sent to Heather Roberts at sales@daniamant.com.

Day to Day orders for the Danish products should continue to be sent to orders@daniamant.com.

Daniamant is moving towards a unified Sales and Marketing Position with the appointment early in 2014 of Anders Rasmussen as Sales Director. Anders is based in Denmark and has so far concentrated on building the sales of the new Daniamant Company, Daniamant Electronics A/S. He will be, during 2015, taking up more of an overall Sales and Marketing Role. If you have not meet him yet, you soon will. Anders can be reached at anders.rasmussen@daniamant.com.

We also now have a Marketing Department. This is headed by Louise Herbst, based in Denmark. Please contact Louise with ANY marketing requests, covering both Danish and UK operations. Louise can be reached at louise.herbst@daniamant.com.

In the meanwhile, Kevin Rough is now Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer in the UK and is always available to answer any questions. Kevin can be reached at kevin.rough@daniamant.com.

Similarly, Arne Gillin remain as Managing Director in Denmark and is equally available to support the business going forward. Arne can be reached at arne.gillin@daniamant.com.

In Richards own words again, he is departing at a very interesting time.

Richard states: “The Survivor Location Lights business remains one of the most competitive markets in the World today. So far, Daniamant has proved to be remarkable resilient in building and developing our business during these difficult times and I have no doubt that we have in place the people necessary to continue to develop and grow our business. The purchase of Daniamant Electronics AS in 2012 and our purchase in 2014 of the outstanding Odeo Flare will continue to give Daniamant the opportunity to develop further into new markets. Further investment and expansion is planned!

I am sure that you, your colleagues and your company will continue to play a key part in this continuing and developing story.”

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