Daniamant Releases New Sensor Unit for Boiler Hot Well

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45 degree installation of OLA 400 Sensor for Boiler Hot Well

The most potentially harmful water contamination in a ship‘s boiler system is oil entering the steam or condensate from leaking tank coils or heat exchangers. If this occurs, there is a considerable risk of destroying the boiler due to overheating of the furnace.

The OLA400 is designed to ensure that oil can be detected before it enters the feedwater section and potentially cause damage to the boiler. Suitable for retrofits on existing systems, a boiler’s hot well can easily be equipped with Daniamant’s OLA400, consuming a maximum of 3.5W of power. The system can utilise relays to output an alarm to any central alarm system, providing convenience and functionality.


90 degree installation of sensor for Boiler Hot Well

Comprised of a sensor unit and a control box, the OLA400 has been upgraded to make the system even more robust and resistant to the harsh marine environment.

The OLA 400 is easy to install and can be connected to both AC and DC supply. The sensor unit can be installed in a 90-degree or 45-degree angle to comply with any boiler installation needs. Based on customer feedback, Daniamant has developed a new sensor which is 10 cm longer than the standard sensor unit. The extra length of the sensor unit is to easier install in boiler systems where the distance to the water table is longer.

Kevin Rough, CEO at Daniamant, says, “Last year, we made strong improvements to our OLA400 and were rewarded with positive responses from customers around the world. With the easy installation and new, longer sensor unit our OLA 400 fits most boiler types or systems.”

The OLA400 is fully type approved by DNV-GL. For more information about Daniamant and its products, please visit: www.daniamant.com

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