The WAELS (Water Activated Emergency Lighting System) has allowed the Merlin Mk3 to gain an over-water flight clearance for over 20 troops, and should the aircraft suffer a controlled landing on to water, it will give those on board the greatest chance of escape and survival.

Features of WAELS:

  • Uses shock-proof halogen lamps tested to +40g deceleration forces
  • Has a self-contained power supply, activated upon contact with water
  • Employs NVG-compatible photoluminescent strips and exit marker signs to orientate cabin occupants during flight
  • Has a unique door jettison handle locator
  • Tested to UK turbid 5 (murky) conditions
  • Easy to retro-fit
  • Lightweight and affordable

Classified as Hazardous for Shipping Purposes – See PSDS

The WAELS system, although originally designed to highlight helicopter emergency exits, can be transferred for use on any  platform, from rotary and fixed-wing aircraft to marine applications.

  • Major Benefits
  • Water activated
  • Door jettison handle locator
  • Easy to retro-fit
  • Lightweight and affordable


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