ML-100 Marker Light Series


The Daniamant ML-100 marker light series has high intensity LEDs and is powered by 3 D-Sized 1.5V Battery Cells.

The Daniamant ML-100 standard series consist of:

  • Daniamant ML-100 yellow LED 25 flash at 5 candela marking light.
  • Daniamant ML-100 white LED 25 flash at 5 candela marking light.
  • Daniamant ML-100 fixed red LED 5 candela marking light.
  • Daniamant ML-100 Synch Master.

Optional part:

  • Daniamant ML-100 Floater.

The following marker light features can be changed by programming:

  • Light-intensity
  • Flash-rate
  • Synchronization as master/slave
  • Daylight switch (with adjustable ambient light level for ON/OFF)

The Daniamant ML-100 series is developed for marking of e.g. nets and long line fishing equipment, buoys, seismic cables, anchor chains and moorings, fish farms, oil cables and offshore installations. The ML-series has a module-based construction, which makes these marking lights user-friendly during any service and repair.

ML-100: NATO Stock Number (NSN) 6230251614313.
ML-100 floater: NATO Stock Number (NSN) 2050251606877.

When is a Daniamant ML-100 Synch Master needed?

If one ML-light is programmed as “Master” and the other lights are programmed as “Slaves” and the distance between “Master” and “Slaves” are less than 90-100 meters, synchronization should function OK. All lights in the ML-series (ML-100, ML-200 and ML-300) can be programmed as either “Master” or “Slave”.

If the distance between “Master” and “Slaves” is between 100-450 meters, a dedicated Synch-Master must be used. This device can be powered at 4.5 VDC or 10-27 VDC battery and fit to the houses used for the ML-100, ML-200 and ML-300.

  • Major Benefits
  • High Intensity LED
  • 3 D-Sized 1.5V Battery Cells
  • Easy Exchange Of Batteries
  • Red, White or Yellow Light


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