CIS 3130-3131-3132



The Phontech Intercom Command Intercom System CIS 3130 is especially designed for important communication links onboard ships and boats.

System CIS 3130 consists of 1 master station type 3130, 1-4 remote stations type 3131/3132, and up to 15 substations selected from the standard range.

The new compact design is according to DIN 144 standard size, and will harmonize with other models for console mounting.

The front of the units have a touch panel, with integrated operator keys, indicator LEDs, loudspeaker, microphone and volume control.

The operation is simplex, controlled by the master station that has priority, and/or by the remote(s). Any call to a single station, group or all stations can be performed, as well as communication between master and remote or between two remotes.

  • Major Benefits
  • Compact design
  • Integrated operator keys
  • Indicator LEDs
  • Loudspeaker, microphone and volume control


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