Naval PSA 350

The PSA 350 ALC power supply and amplifier is designed to supply power to Mark and VPA series active antennas as well as amplifying radio and TV signals for distribution in a medium-sized network.
The amplifier is equipped with automatic level control ALC that reduces gain in case of overload.

The power supply accepts 117 and 230 VAC.
The attenuation of each band can be separately controlled. Like all other Naval products, the PSA 350 ALC series are designed to meet the special requirements of world-wide marine use. See overleaf for further details of specific applications.

The PSA 350 ALC can typically supply 8-16 TV/Radio outlets, depending on cable lenghts.
The amplifier features low noise and is designed to operate difficult conditions at sea with wide variations in the input signal.

The PSA 350 ALC amplifier works well in standalone medium-sized systems, or as a subamplifier in larger installations equipped with the CAS 3500 main system.

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