Naval Mark 32ALC

Mark 32ALC is an omni-directional wide band antenna (0.1-26.5 and 40-890 MHz) TV-FM-AM, for maritime purposes. It is based on a construc-tion of loop antennas coupled to four band amplifiers three of which have individual automatic level control units – ALC’s.

The ALC’s have very high dynamic range, and keep the antenna free from intermodulation even in the vicinity of high power transmitters.
High efficiency suppression filters prevent interference from VHF telephone and AIS transmitters.

Mark 32ALC is made of ABS plastic and filled with polyurethane foam. Mounting base in saltwater proof special alloy and bolts in stainless acid proof steel. Mark 32ALC is tested by “Det Norske Veritas” for the same approval as for radar equipment.


The advantages of Mark 32ALC compared to a Yagi antenna system are:

  • Automatic level control-ALC.
  • Rigid, non-corrodible, maintenance free construction.
  • Small dimensions and easy to mount.
  • Omni-directional, no adjustments.
  • Replaceable amplifier.
  • Integrated VHF/AIS suppression filters.

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