Naval CAS 3700

The SAILOR CAS 3700 Headend (Cassette Amplifier System) integrates all required components for a professional maritime Radio/TV Headend system for 64 and more R/TV-outlets.

Five (5) separate band-amplifiers make it especially suited for use in areas with high channel load by keeping intermodulation to a minimum.

The SAILOR CAS 3700 Headend amplifies analogue as well as digital signals in a wide frequency range from AM to UHF.

Four (4) separate Automatic Level Control circuits (ALC) help maintain the output level stable under the varying conditions encountered aboard ships.

The system is easily expanded to include modulators for external input such as Satellite TV, DVD, etc.

The SAILOR CAS 3700 Headend system is available both cabinet and subrack 19” mounted and is the basis for all installations with more than 64 R/TV-outlets.

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