406 XS-3 GPS PLB

KANNAD 406 XS-3 GPS is discontinued and replaced by the SafeLink SOLO PLB.

Battery exchange service available for KANNAD 406 XS-3 GPS.

The XS-3 GPS PLB is multi environment Personal Locator Beacon; compact, light and handy to equip both general and ultra light aviation as well as helicopters.

This XS-3 GPS Beacon is a High Tech PLB, the Third of a generation of KANNAD Personal Beacons.

The manually activated Personal Locator Beacon, Kannad 406 XS-3 GPS, complies with class 2 of the Cospas-Sarsat global system. Each PLB is programmed with a unique serialised code that must be registered with national authorities. This enables the identification of the PLB owner as well as the environment where the PLB is used (land, air, marine). This information is vital for search and rescue operations to gain precious time.

The PLB easily fits inside a bag, pocket, life jacket, flying or survival suit. It comes with an attractive and very resistant pouch for multi-environmental use. The PLB is buoyant, watertight and remains attached to its pouch. The PLB is watertight to 10 metres (5mn) according to specifications ETSI 300 066, IEC 61097-2, RTCM SC110 (USA), TP4522 (Canada).

Key Features

  • Integrated GPS for utmost precision (less than 120 meters).
  • Immediate alert and identification (5 minutes).
  • Innovative and ergonomical design.
  • A light and compact beacon.
  • Warrantee: 5 years.


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