The Oil Level Alarm OLA400 is designed for Boiler Systems and can, when installed in a boiler system’s cascade tank, measure the occurrence of potentially dangerous oil. If oil is detected a visual alarm indication will be shown on the control box and further relays are available to output the alarm to any central alarm system.

Typical Use
The most dangerous water contamination in a ships boiler system is oil entering the steam or condensate from leaking tank coils or heat exchangers. The boiler could be completely destroyed due to overheating of the furnace.
The cascade tank can easily be equipped with OLA400 which will continually measure oil occurrence. This will ensure that oil can be detected before it enters the feedwater section.

Major Benefits
• Oil level monitoring
• Capacitive measuring technology
• Visual alarm
• Two relays for connection to control system
• Easy fitting
• Low maintenance costs
• No moving parts
• Durable: stainless steel sensor
• IP65 ABS Box